Saddlecreek Homeowner Association

To All Saddlecreek Homeowners·

Vision (who we are)·

  1. Organization to insure optimum quality of life for residents of Saddlecreek Parkway.
  2. Mission (what we want to accomplish)·

    • Insure a safe environment for Saddlecreek residents and their property.
    • Maintain high standard of attractiveness for all common areas.
    • Enforce all “Restrictive Covenants” of Saddlecreek to insure overall neighborhood attractiveness.
    • Create an environment where maximum property/home appreciation is ensured.
    • Effectively manage the financial administration of Saddlecreek HOA. funds and expenses.

Welcome to Saddlecreek Homeowners Association
Birmingham, Alabama

   Be Alert Neighbors!


Entrance to  neighborhood. Entrance to neighborhood.

The community of Saddlecreek and the Saddlecreek Homerowners Association are happy to welcome you to our great neighborhood via the Internet. We are located in Jefferson County in the NE of Birmingham, Al about 4.5 miles on Hwy 119 from Hwy 280. We have approximately 66 homes in our development. We are very proud of our neighborhood and the friendlessness that is shown to new comers. The springtime brings the beautiful Bradford pear trees blooming and neighbors out visiting, walking, and working in the yards to continue making them beautiful for the summer and fall. Our Homeowners Association is an active one with work days scheduled along during the year. It gives the homeowners an opportunity to meet each other. We live in such a hectic and fast paced world until we need to take time to get to know our neighbors and help those in need. Occasionally, we have homes for sale and they go pretty good in light of the resale market at the present time. A little history on our development and area around it is that it was once known as Hurst, Alabama.

  • Joe Matthews-President
  • Steven King-Secretary
  • Alan Smith-Treasurer
  • Mark Sharp-Director
  • Leigh Anne King-Director

See one of the board members of a copy of the covenants/Bylaws.

Speeding thru Saddlecreek Pkwy.
Don't you wish that everyone driving through our neighhood would do this speed? Be sure to look at your speed also.


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